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Custom Press Stamping Of Zinc Coated Mild Steel Brackets Used In The Automotive Industry

Mild Steel Brackets

Waterbury Contract Eyelets & Stampings, Inc. was contracted by a valve industry client based in New Britain, Connecticut to construct a series of mild steel brackets to be used within an automotive application. Upholding a (+/-) .005 inch precision tolerance, we manufactured these brackets using a combination of our press stamping and metal bending technology.

Employing a 100 ton straight side press, we were able to stamp out the general shape of each part, along with the bracket's four slots, in one efficient machining operation. We then bent the metal material to create the brackets' final shape. Each part measured 2.445 inches in length, 1.19 inches in width and height, and .108 inches in thickness. And, each unit possessed a bend angle of 90 degrees. We then used precision measuring equipment to test the dimensions of the brackets to ensure they met precise client specifications.

Each bracket possessed four unique slots: two standard shaped slots on the bottom of each unit and two complex slots at the top. Additionally, we applied a gold zinc coating to the brackets, providing the parts with a corrosion resistant finish. By employing a combination of our stamping and metal bending technologies, we were able to efficiently produce a series of mild steel brackets for the valve industry.

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Custom Press Stamping of Zinc Coated Mild Steel Brackets Project Highlights

Product Description
This custom press stamped zinc coated mild steel bracket is used within a automotive application

Capabilities Applied/Processes   Press Stamping

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part   100 ton straight side press

Overall Part Dimensions   Length: 2.445"
Width: 1.190"
Height: 1.190"
Thickness: .108"
Bend Angle: 90"

Tightest Tolerances   +/- .005

Material Used   Mild Steel

Typical Operations   Press Stamping:
General Shape and Slots Stamped In one Operation

Features   Gold Zinc Coating
2 Standard Slots
2 Complex Slots

In process testing performed   Dimensional Inspection
  • Dial Indicators
  • Calipers
  • Micrometers
  • Custom Gages
  • Optical Comparator

Industry for Use   Automotive

Delivery Location   New Britain, Connecticut

Standards Met   Customer supplied design

Product Name   Zinc Coated Mild Steel Bracket

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